Q & A with JT Naughton
President of Four Moon Productions

Q: What are your goals for each show you produce?

A: Our goal for each and every show we produce is to not only meet are clients’ expectations, but to exceed them. We want to be the only production company our clients think of when it is time to pick a production company. It is a very simple concept, but a concept that we have built our reputation upon.

Q: Where do you see the future of Event Production heading?

A: The future of Event Production is moving towards connecting even more people, through the power of the internet. Streaming is really taking off and a service that we are embracing and offering through Four Stream. A common fear amongst our clients is that streaming will keep attendees at home instead of jumping on an airplane. It’s funny, but quite the opposite is happening; we are seeing that online attendees become onsite attendees for the next program. On site attendance is almost doubling, on average.

Q: What makes FMP stand out from the competition?

A: Our people. Plain and simple. Most production companies use similar equipment, it is the people that make everything run smoothly. It is our people who are handling C-Level presenters and making them comfortable before they go on stage. It is our people that are handling last second changes with a “can do” attitude. There is no other way to measure the importance and difference our people make, other than to experience it, first hand.

Q: Why so many service offerings?

A: There is so much that goes into planning an event, the more we can be involved, the better for us, and the easier it is on our clients. Our goal is to be involved before, during, and after the event. The more we can participate, the better understanding we have of our clients’ events and maybe even more importantly, our clients’ company culture.

Q: What’s next for FMP?

A: We are excited about launching our new company, Four Stream. We will be pushing hard to become a force in the streaming industry. There is definitely a need for a company that cannot only execute a live event in a ballroom, but also broadcast said event to the world, all under the same, convenient umbrella. The best part is that we are crushing the high cost associated with streaming. Streaming is no longer a niche market. This is great for our clients’ bottom line.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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    “Working with JT was an absolute dream. During our event, JT and his team were everywhere I looked and everywhere I needed them – within seconds. If I have it my way, I will work with Four Moon Productions on all of my events in the future.”

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    "I have been in the meetings business for almost two decades and collaborated with dozens of A/V companies….Four Moon is among the top professionals in the business. A successful event is more than having the right hardware. It's about having the right people to back it up."

    -Daniella Seghieri, Director, Conference and Events GWC   

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    “Four Moon is not just and A/V vendor, rather an integral part of our team. Their integrity and customer service sets them apart and we love working with them.”

    -Will Hansen, Vice President- Events, Inman News   

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    "Four Moon Productions elevates our brand through world-class productions. They not only provide Great Place to Work high-quality Audio/Visual services but also the professionalism, expertise and value we have come to depend on for over 10 years of working with JT Naughton. We consider FMP an extension of our team."

    -Brook Dayton, Program Director, Great Place to Work